The Top Ten Technologies Changing the Workplace

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Tech support might not be in your admin job description, but admins are often the first stop when executives and colleagues need help with a new program or device. You need to stay current with rapidly evolving technology so buckle up for an exciting ride and try the latest, greatest tech tools for office efficiency. […]

Elevate Your PDF Expertise with Advanced (and Underused) Features

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Adobe Acrobat PDF’s are easy to share and print accurately, but they can be problematic when you need to make a change or customize them for distribution and collaboration. Expand your use of advanced features for document creation and delivery. Explore how to customize with tools that you use regularly; learn to edit efficiently; secure […]

Hot Topic Roundtable: Industry 4.0 – AI & Digital Transformation

Get ready to get in a future-focused mindset and to think about how AI has implications for your daily operations and how it can open up space for higher-level work – for both you and for your company. Integrating technology into the operational identity of a business is critical, and executive partners have unique insight […]

Empower Your Workflow like a Pro with OneNote + Outlook

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Take OneNote to the next level! Learn how to harness the power of OneNote + Outlook. Create, maintain, and master time-saving integrations, collaborations, and workflows that turn OneNote + Outlook into a must-have power tool – and you into a power user. Learn to set up and customize OneNote + Outlook to integrate while staying […]

Excel Data Clean-up: Sidestep Data List Problems Before They Happen

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Preparing your spreadsheet data before you create charts and reports is an essential step in getting good analysis.  But, data exports from other programs and messy data downloads can be tricky to fix. Learn how to address data list dealbreakers: Dates, Errors, Text, and Duplicates. Real-world examples take you step-by-step through common data problems with solutions […]

Looking Ahead: What’s New in Office 365 and Windows 11

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Masterclass If you love feeling productive, this session offers smarter ways to work in the Microsoft universe! Discover the power, speed, and flow to create and stay organized from wherever with the latest features of Microsoft 365 and the new OS Windows 11. Dig into Snap Assist, Widgets, Your Phone App, and the next Windows […]

Advanced Features in Microsoft Teams

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Dive into the latest advanced features of Microsoft Teams with the top MS Teams author of college textbooks. In today’s global hybrid workforce, teamwork and collaboration have never been more important. Explore how to connect to your SharePoint, OneNote, and Outlook directly in Teams to create an improved workflow. Discover new options to maximize your […]

Executive Calendar Analysis: The Powerful AI Tool that Gets It Done

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Your executive relies on you to protect their time and help them use it most productively. Microsoft’s My Analytics is a dynamic AI-powered tool that helps professionals examine their work patterns, see where they are spending their time, manage distractions– and it provides data to support it all. Use insights from this add-in to optimize […]

Understanding Power BI: How and When It Can Work for You

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Masterclass If Excel is one of your go-to technology tools, the evolution of data insights, analytics, and reporting that you have been waiting for is here! Step up your skills when you visualize, simplify, create and manage powerful frameworks with Microsoft’s Self-Service Business Intelligence tool, Power BI. Develop the skills and understanding you need to […]

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