Fall Schedule Session

Empower Your Workflow like a Pro with OneNote + Outlook

Nov 09 2022

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Grand Ballroom DEF

Take OneNote to the next level! Learn how to harness the power of OneNote + Outlook. Create, maintain, and master time-saving integrations, collaborations, and workflows that turn OneNote + Outlook into a must-have power tool – and you into a power user. Learn to set up and customize OneNote + Outlook to integrate while staying connected and productive wherever you are.

Suggested Pre-Requisite: Attendees will find it helpful, to begin with, knowledge of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Learning Objectives

  • Organize and link relevant files and tasks
  • Link meeting notes, agendas, and additional resources to work efficiently
  • Maximize collaboration and work processes
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