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Spring Schedule Session

Leading Inclusive Teams

Apr 20 2023

8:30 AM - 9:45 AM CT

Grand Ballroom Salon VI

The Spark Featuring Keynote Selena Rezvani

The SparkOtherwise known as a keynote, this session will begin your EA Ignite experience with a bang!

To be inclusive, leaders must seek out and embrace diverse perspectives. In this interactive session, learners will come away with four practices for fostering a highly engaged, inclusive team. Through practical, behavioral techniques, participants learn how to foster psychological safety, rethink meeting norms, embrace uncomfortable conversations, and provide equitable feedback to all team members. Leaders who adopt these deliberate practices make more informed team decisions and take everyday actions toward a more respectful, inclusive work environment.


NextGenWomen, LLC

- Leadership Speaker & Inclusion Consultant


The Spark

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