Successful organizations and top teams create systems to ensure no future leader is left behind. But as we move up the ranks, we want to have others continue in a legacy of good leadership and seamless transitions. The best leaders create more leaders. This high-energy, interactive, and idea-filled program will address the best practices for preparing others to step up, step in, lead, and take over. Whether your interest lies in succession planning, project transitions, or regular team management, there are a myriad of ways that you can help the people you work with reach their full potential. No matter what happens, your people will be ready to take charge of any situation—expected or unexpected. We’ll cover a dozen cases from examples across industries and explore how you can:
• lead by example, and teach what we know, and communicate effectively
• create and share a vision and inspire others
• take ownership of your role by helping others set and reach goals and solve problems

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