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Fall Schedule Session

Event Planning: Ask the Experts

Nov 07 2023

9:15 AM - 9:45 AM

Fireside ChatA facilitated informal conversation with past & present EAs on a trending topic.

Admins and EAs are increasingly being asked to tackle more duties and one of those is to plan events for their companies. Whether it’s an executive retreat for a handful of people or a company-wide educational forum with speakers and panels, they’re asked to take it on.

This panel of seasoned events planners has decades of experience between them and if they haven’t seen it all, they’re close. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask them questions, learn some of the tricks of the trade and bring home some great ideas when you’re planning your next event.

At this session you’ll learn:

  • Events 101: Laying the groundwork for a successful event
  • How to organize and keep event planning moving forward
  • Help with decision-making and problem solving


Conference Manager

Conference Coordinator

Packed with Purpose

- Founder and CEO

JW Marriott Austin

- Director of Events Management

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