Virtual Project Management: What’s Different, What’s the Same

As an EA, you oversee a wide variety of projects from simple to complex, and you probably have to coordinate the efforts of project team members who are not in the same physical location. While many aspects of project management are the same whether you (and your team) are working in-person or remotely, some should […]

Executive Decision Making

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Decisions are one of any leader’s most important responsibilities. Too often, leaders at all levels view a decision as a task to be completed rather than a systematic process to be followed. As a result, decisions are made too quickly without adequate information or assessment, or they are made too slowly, creating delays and analysis […]

The Top Ten Technologies Changing the Workplace

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Tech support might not be in your admin job description, but admins are often the first stop when executives and colleagues need help with a new program or device. You need to stay current with rapidly evolving technology so buckle up for an exciting ride and try the latest, greatest tech tools for office efficiency. […]

Project Budget Management: How to Estimate & Control Costs of Your Projects

A key factor in project success is staying on (or under) budget. If not properly managed, projects costs can skyrocket out of control. If you’re not keeping a vigilant eye on spending, you could put your entire project at risk—and cause major trouble for your career! Get strategies to accurately estimate costs and negotiate for […]

Cultivating Strategic Partners Inside your Organization

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Deepening your network of internal partners is critical to an EA’s ability to excel. Learn to establish and leverage business relationships inside your organization to enhance your visibility, influence, and impact. Learning Objectives how to strategically decide who you need to have relationships with practical and actionable strategies for cultivating those relationships and turning them […]

Elevate Your PDF Expertise with Advanced (and Underused) Features

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Adobe Acrobat PDF’s are easy to share and print accurately, but they can be problematic when you need to make a change or customize them for distribution and collaboration. Expand your use of advanced features for document creation and delivery. Explore how to customize with tools that you use regularly; learn to edit efficiently; secure […]

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