Fall Schedule Session

Executive Decision Making

Nov 10 2022

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Grand Ballroom CDEF

Decisions are one of any leader’s most important responsibilities. Too often, leaders at all levels view a decision as a task to be completed rather than a systematic process to be followed. As a result, decisions are made too quickly without adequate information or assessment, or they are made too slowly, creating delays and analysis paralysis. Examine group and individual decision-making methods and how to use them. Get techniques for cultivating constructive debate, and assessing your own decision-making instincts so you can avoid the decision errors even executives make.

Learning Objectives

  • Use inquiry versus advocacy decision processes
  • Sidestep 5 common pitfalls that lead to decision errors
  • Increase your ability to influence organizational decisions
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Starla West

Executive Coach, President at Starla West International

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