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Fall Schedule Session

Skyrocket Your Career by Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Nov 12 2024

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Americana Ballroom Salon 3

Companies have corporate boards of directors for oversight, accountability, and goalsetting. Emerging leaders need personal boards of directors for those exact reasons. In a world where over half of corporate professionals do not have even a single mentor, having a personal board of directors is the missing link that will skyrocket your career.  

In this interactive, engaging, and actionable keynote, participants will:

  • Learn from inspiring stories and research about why having a personal board of directors is the differentiator for career success
  • Understand how to build their own personal board of directors
  • Leave with a tactical action plan and next steps to assemble their board, starting immediately
  • Feel inspired by similar professionals who have successfully built boards of directors and watched their career soar to new heights
  • Build connections and relationships with co-participants 


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- Founder & CEO

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