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Fall Schedule Session

Redefining the Role: The Rise of Executive Operations in Modern Business

Nov 13 2024

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Americana Ballroom Salon 3

Join us for an electrifying panel discussion led by Melissa Peoples, former Executive Operations Advisor to the CEO of the New York Times. Along with insights from Elle Tyra, Executive Assistant to the President of ABC News, and Meg Steinschauer, former EA turned Chief of Staff at a leading biotech firm, this panel delves deep into the evolution of executive operations. Together, these industry pioneers will unveil how this strategic function is reshaping the conventional EA role, amplifying its importance to closely align with organizational goals, and revolutionizing corporate leadership dynamics.  
The panelists will share invaluable insights gained from their successful deployment of executive operations and offer actionable advice on integrating strategic planning, process streamlining, and top-tier decision-making support within your company.  
Brace yourself for a journey of inspiration, as you explore methods to enhance your strategic focus and unlock the potential for overseeing and orchestrating executive functions, positioning executive operations as a cornerstone of contemporary business strategy. 


Admin Gurus

- CEO & Founder

Connected Assistants Limited

- Founder & Managing Director

ABC News

- Executive Assistant to the President

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