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Fall Schedule Session

Elevating Your Partnership: Financial Acumen for Senior EAs

Nov 12 2024

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Americana Ballroom Salon 1

This masterclass is designed for senior EAs who seek to continue to grow in their strategic partnership model. The masterclass provides case studies, real world examples, and practical talk tracks to encourage EAs to immerse themselves into budgetary conversations and decisions. Participants will learn how to become more comfortable with financial data, contribute meaningfully to financial decisions, add value to their executive’s role as a financial proxy, and better align their support to organizational financial goals.  

The following objectives will be met:

  • Enhance participants’ understanding of financial data and key financial metrics.
  • Develop skills to analyze financial data and interpret its implications for decision-making.
  • Provide strategies for effective communication with executives on financial matters.
  • Enable EAs to facilitate data-driven performance conversations, with the goal of aligning their growing responsibilities with compensation growth.


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