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Fall Schedule Session

AI Essentials for Executive Assistants: Mastering Gemini and Beyond

Nov 12 2024

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM


Dive into the world of Google’s Gemini, a transformative AI tool designed to revolutionize the way you manage your workflow. This masterclass covers the essentials of AI, with a spotlight on Google’s Gemini, Claude, and Notion. Discover how to streamline and automate tasks using Gemini, enhance prompt engineering techniques, and integrate various AI technologies into your daily operations. Learn to navigate the AI landscape to improve efficiency, decision-making, and strategic influence in your role. 
Learning Objectives:

  • Foundation of AI and Prompt Engineering: Understand the principles of artificial intelligence and the science behind crafting effective prompts that can be applied across various AI platforms.
  • Deep Dive into Gemini: Gain in-depth knowledge of Gemini’s capabilities, focusing on its integration with Google’s ecosystem for optimizing workflow and communications.
  • Exploration of Additional AI Tools: Identify and explore a variety of AI tools that can assist with project management, data analysis, and more, broadening your tech toolkit.
  • Practical AI Integration: Develop strategies for effectively implementing AI solutions, including Gemini, to streamline tasks and enhance productivity in your executive support role. 


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