June 8-10, 2021 | The St. Anthony | San Antonio

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#WYF: Technology

What’s Your Focus?


Technology is a ubiquitous part of your daily workflow, but it’s changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Similarly, admins and EAs are called upon to keep up with these changes and change and evolve with them. You have far-reaching, complex challenges, and it’s critical that you have the skills to confidently meet the needs of the 21st century office.




Meet a Speaker: Technology

Neil Malek

Principal, Knack Training, LLC

Neil Malek is the Principal at Knack Training, a software and professional development training and consulting company. For the last twenty years, Neil has worked with universities, governments, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies to identify and close skill gaps. He focuses on impactful learning and problem solving in the classroom so you can better tackle software tools, presentation skills, collaboration, and project management.

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