June 8-10, 2021 | The St. Anthony | San Antonio

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What’s Your Focus?

It’s critical that your training meets your needs – we know that EAs and admins face growing challenges and ever-increasing responsibility. That’s why EA Ignite has three main focus areas: project management, leadership, and technology. Whether you’re looking to become more skilled in managing projects from start to finish, develop your leadership skills, or take a deep-dive into technology that can boost your productivity, there’s something for you to focus on.


Project Management

Today’s EAs need to be prepared to embrace projects from start to finish. Knowing how to manage up and across levels, silos, and a variety of stakeholders is paramount to excelling amidst all the robust, tactile stages of a project.

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Leadership is an essential skill in any workplace. Knowing how to assert yourself and articulate your thoughts to your team sets you apart. Learn how to lead with authority, sharpen your emotional intelligence, and facilitate trainings amongst peers and direct reports.

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Technology is a ubiquitous part of your daily workflow, but it’s changing and evolving at a rapid pace. Similarly, admins and EAs are called upon to keep up with these changes and change and evolve with them. You have far-reaching, complex challenges, and it’s critical that you have the skills to confidently meet the needs of the 21st century office.

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