Be Their Catalyst: Driving Strategic Change in Your Team

Do the talented individuals you lead need to be more effective? Does your team need to perform better and achieve their goals? Science tells us that change requires movement and movement needs a catalyst. Alana demonstrates how purpose and passion can re-energize you and your team and take you on a journey to define your […]

Systems Thinking for Executive Assistants

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A change in one part of your organization may have a ripple effect and cause changes in other departments. Likewise, the things you do (or don’t do) can ripple and create consequences for others. Understanding how decisions and actions across the organization can impact one another is an important skill known as “Systems Thinking. Without […]

Empower Your Workflow like a Pro with OneNote + Outlook

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Take OneNote to the next level! Learn how to harness the power of OneNote + Outlook. Create, maintain, and master time-saving integrations, collaborations, and workflows that turn OneNote + Outlook into a must-have power tool – and you into a power user. Learn to set up and customize OneNote + Outlook to integrate while staying […]

Collaborate with the Power of Questions

Questioning is an often overlooked but uniquely powerful tool for unlocking communication and collaboration. It spurs the exchange of ideas while strengthening rapport and trust among team members. It’s too bad that few of us have been trained in the communication art of questioning. Fortunately, questioning is a skill that can be honed by project […]

Leveraging Performance Metrics: KPIs and OKRs

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are critical indicators of progress for your business. KPIs provide a focus for strategic and operational improvement, create an analytical basis for decision making, and focus attention on what matters most. As Peter Drucker famously said, “What gets measured gets done.” Learning Objectives New perspectives on administrative metrics Goals vs KPIs […]

Excel Data Clean-up: Sidestep Data List Problems Before They Happen

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Preparing your spreadsheet data before you create charts and reports is an essential step in getting good analysis.  But, data exports from other programs and messy data downloads can be tricky to fix. Learn how to address data list dealbreakers: Dates, Errors, Text, and Duplicates. Real-world examples take you step-by-step through common data problems with solutions […]

Strategic Project Management for Executive Assistants

Masterclass Wouldn’t it be nice to get better support and buy-in to your projects? This is a challenge most executive assistants face, and the good news is that it can be done! By crafting and communicating a plan that aligns with stakeholder priorities, you’ll be able to engage the right people at the right time. […]

The EA as Coach: Becoming a More Valuable Asset to Any Team

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Masterclass The most valued executive assistants are true business partners, who can provide strategic input and help drive results. One of the most important ways that an assistant can add value is by learning to coach. The executive assistant as coach describes the unique position executive assistants have as a coach to their teams and […]

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