Cuddle Corner

The Humane Society for Greater Savannah will be onsite at the Westin on Tuesday, November 8 from 2:30-6:30pm with some of their best-behaved furry friends!  There will be a Kitten Tent for attendees to visit,  as well as a few adorable dogs to give lots of love and belly scratches to. While the Humane Society may […]

Hot Topic Roundtable: Industry 4.0 – AI & Digital Transformation

Get ready to get in a future-focused mindset and to think about how AI has implications for your daily operations and how it can open up space for higher-level work – for both you and for your company. Integrating technology into the operational identity of a business is critical, and executive partners have unique insight […]

Interview Skills for the Interviewer

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An effective job interview is essential to getting the best match and the right candidate. EAs are increasingly asked to participate in interviewing prospective team members. To be a good interviewer, you must be prepared, ask the right questions, listen and evaluate the candidate. Hiring someone “like you” or whom you like isn’t necessarily going […]

The Best of Both Worlds: Traditional Project Management Vs. Agile

Agile. Waterfall. You’ve heard these terms before, but do you understand their unique strengths or how to apply these approaches to your specific projects and daily workflow? Dig into the two most popular project methodologies to develop a solid understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both. As you advance as a project manager, you […]

Advanced Features in Microsoft Teams

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Dive into the latest advanced features of Microsoft Teams with the top MS Teams author of college textbooks. In today’s global hybrid workforce, teamwork and collaboration have never been more important. Explore how to connect to your SharePoint, OneNote, and Outlook directly in Teams to create an improved workflow. Discover new options to maximize your […]

Operate as a Project Manager Without a Traditional PMO

Masterclass Take your project management skills to the next level and learn how to step into a project leadership role for your team or your executive. Project management is becoming a part of your everyday work life, but without formal project management training, it can be hard to see how your knowledge, expertise, and skills […]

Executive Workflow Optimization

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Discover how to optimize your executive business partner’s workflow and their leadership style to create a more efficient hub of operations. This session focuses on first understanding various working styles, their strengths, and challenges, then identifying best practices for applying that knowledge in order to maximize productivity and results. Learning Objectives Recognize the impact of […]

Executive Calendar Analysis: The Powerful AI Tool that Gets It Done

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Your executive relies on you to protect their time and help them use it most productively. Microsoft’s My Analytics is a dynamic AI-powered tool that helps professionals examine their work patterns, see where they are spending their time, manage distractions– and it provides data to support it all. Use insights from this add-in to optimize […]

Power-Up & Automate Your Project Management Workflow

Tired of managing projects in a simple spreadsheet that doesn’t quite do the job? Looking for ways to power up and automate project workflows? Get a big picture view of various project management tools and software outside the Microsoft platform, and walk away with a solid understanding of how project management tools can help you […]

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