Fall Schedule Session

Interview Skills for the Interviewer

Nov 08 2022

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Grand Ballroom ABC

An effective job interview is essential to getting the best match and the right candidate. EAs are increasingly asked to participate in interviewing prospective team members. To be a good interviewer, you must be prepared, ask the right questions, listen and evaluate the candidate. Hiring someone “like you” or whom you like isn’t necessarily going to get you the right candidate.

Learning Objectives

  • Prevent hiring mistakes that cost your company money
  • The art of questioning and probing. What questions should you ask?
  • Spotting red flags and danger signs
  • Avoiding unconscious bias
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Rhonda Scharf

Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Author at On The Right Track - Training and Consulting™ INC.

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