April 23-25, 2024 • Nashville, TN


Spring Schedule Session

Executive Operations Roundtable

Apr 23 2024

4:15 PM - 5:30 PM CT

Germantown 2

RoundtableRoundtables are casual, roundtable-style Q&A sessions.

Join three experts for timed group discussions on the following topics. Each expert will lead with prompter questions to catalyze discussion and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. 

Become a Fast and Fearless Leader in the Office of the CEO (or Any Executive Office)  

Join Mackenzie Lee to unlock your next level of development as a fast and fearless leader in the Office of the CEO (or other Executive Office). We’ll start by exploring the “art of the possible” — that’s everything you can achieve as a highly effective Executive Assistant. Next, we’ll review your existing role to identify concrete development opportunities. Finally, we’ll discuss how to get formal buy-in from your principal to gain additional responsibilities, compensation, and recognition for your hard work. 

Build and Lead Administrative Teams  

Join Lucy Brazier to delve into the essentials of assembling and guiding high-performing administrative teams. We’ll brainstorm the key components from recruitment, structure, and training to motivation and leadership. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing team’s performance or build a new one from the ground up, this roundtable will equip you with the knowledge and tools to transform your administrative team into the powerhouse of productivity that your organization needs. 

Explore the ROI of Executive Operations as a Strategic Business Function (for You, Your Team, and Your Company) 

Join Lynn Walder in this collaborative peer-to-peer roundtable discussion where Executive Operations professionals can share insights, challenges, and successes in implementing a strategic “Rhythm of Business” and effectively communicating their strategic value within their organizations. Participants will explore practical approaches to enhance operational efficiency, align with strategic objectives, and elevate their roles through executive-level accountability frameworks and “business language” communication. Dynamic, in-the-moment peer troubleshooting will be encouraged! 


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