November 2-4, 2021 | The St. Anthony | San Antonio

Data Cleanup & Calculation with Power Query & Power Pivot

November 2, 2021
10:30 am-12:30 pm
Peraux Room

Data Cleanup & Calculation with Power Query & Power Pivot

Part 1 of Data Series – these sessions can be taken separately or as part of a series.

Too much time is wasted on bringing in data (from spreadsheets or other reports), cleaning it up, and creating summaries in Excel. The next generation of tools from Microsoft to solve these problems faster, more effectively, and to automate your work when new data comes in are built into both Excel and Power BI – Power Query and Power Pivot. In this session, you’ll leverage these new features to replace Excel functions, Text to Columns, and even macros with tools that are both more powerful and easier to use. Not only will you learn skills to improve your current spreadsheets, but everything you learn will be directly applicable to Power BI, too. The audience will explore:

  • Extracting useful data from spreadsheets, CSV files, databases, and websites
  • Fixing common problems with dirty data
  • Calculating relevant dates and numbers from source data
  • Automating cleanup of multiple files in an instant
  • Combining data from different files, or even different sources
  • Creating filtered calculations
  • Building relationships between data tables
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