MasterclassExpert lead 90-minute training with a reserved 30 minutes of group activity and interactive peer-to-peer problem-solving.

What would happen if people felt safe to express honest thoughts and feelings to listening leaders and peers? Employees could feel free to speak up, share new ideas, and challenging “the system” would be accepted and encouraged. An inspiring workplace doesn’t have to feel unrealistic or idyllic. When the workplace is safe, people feel confident to explore and share in a supportive atmosphere.

We’ve transitioned from working in the office 100% to hybrid or 100% remote. Collaboration has declined and relationships have waned. Stress levels have increased, and reduced well-being seems imminent. Examples of this dissatisfaction are demonstrated in “The Great Resignation” where people left their companies or chose to “quietly quit.”

You will get the most of this session if you:

  • Experience self-doubt or worry about what others might think and are ready to master a winning mindset of unlimited possibilities
  • Hunger to be your own advocate as well as advocate for others
  • Seek tools to construct and sustain positive working relationship

You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Believe you have the power to impact yourself and the culture in your organization
  • Create positive thought patterns and keep a winning attitude
  • Generate habits and behaviors to align with good intentions
  • Gain courage to become vulnerable and build trust
  • Find confidence to speak up
  • Use tools that empower you to enrich yourself and others

Preview Michelle’s session below.

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