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Fall Schedule Session

Cognitive Flexibility: Why It’s Required

Nov 07 2023

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

MasterclassExpert lead 90-minute training with a reserved 30 minutes of group activity and interactive peer-to-peer problem-solving.

Cognitive flexibility is the ability to juggle multiple concepts at once or the ability to appropriately adjust your behavior according to your changing environment.

Are you as flexible as you need to be for 2023? Do you adjust easily, without frustration, without needing time to think about it? Does the constant change of direction, the ever “new” normal, and the juggling of priorities exhaust you or invigorate you? You wouldn’t be an administrative professional if you weren’t flexible, but do you have cognitive flexibility?

We know we need to be flexible, and as administrative professionals, it does qualify as an essential skill, but cognitive flexibility is a step above flexibility.

This workshop will teach you what you need to do to ensure you are strong in the new buzzword for 2023: Cognitive Flexibility.

You will get the most out of this session if you…

  • Need to do more faster
  • Are willing to make changes to how you work
  • Have a complex and busy job with multiple executives

You will walk away knowing…

  • What does cognitive flexibility look like? How do I know how good I am at this?
  • The importance of mastering this skill to future-proof your career
  • Learn easy to implement techniques to exercise your cognitive flexibility muscle
  • Are you multitasking, task switching, or just being flexible? What is cognitive flexibility why do I need it now?


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