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Fall Schedule Session

AI Accelerator: Top 10 AI Tools Empowering Executive Assistants

Nov 13 2024

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM


Join us for the “AI Accelerator” masterclass, where we dive into the top 10 AI tools that are revolutionizing the role of executive assistants. From automated documentation to AI presentation development, and comprehensive AI meeting management solutions, this session showcases the powerful capabilities these AI tools offer. We’ll also explore how integrations within the Microsoft AI ecosystem, Notion’s powerful AI tools, and Loop’s collaborative features can supercharge your productivity and strategic influence. Learn firsthand which tools deliver the best results and how to leverage them to transform your daily workflow, processes, and revolutionize the way you work. 
Learning Objectives:

  • Showcase of Top 10 AI Tools: Explore each tool’s unique capabilities, focusing on favorites like Gamma for AI-enhanced presentations and Notion for AI-assisted organizational tasks.
  • Understanding AI Capabilities: Gain a broad overview of the various AI tools available that can transform everyday tasks into opportunities for efficiency and strategic advantage.  
  • Increase Your Digital Fluency: Equip yourself with the knowledge to continuously adapt to emerging AI technologies, keeping your skills relevant and ahead of the curve in the evolving landscape of executive support.  
  • Maximizing Efficiency with AI: Learn the best practices for leveraging AI tools to their fullest potential, focusing on optimizing operations and strategic outcomes. 


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