November 12-14, 2024 | Miami, FL


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Networking Opportunities

Networking - Fall '23

1:1 Matchmaking

Located in your profile of the mobile app, this AI based service uses your profile and the categories you’ve selected to help match you with fellow peers! By opting into matchmaking, users will select categories and their interests for meetings, and the app will suggest other peers that best match your profile based on the pre-selections and conversations you’re looking to have. Once you’ve met a match, start chatting and set up a time and location in the conference to meet!

Why participate in matchmaking?

If you’re looking to build connections, offer mentorship, are recruiting, or just want to network with others outside of session times, this service is for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the mobile app here and login. 
  2. Fill out your profile in the app and select your interests.
  3. Select your goals for each interest and hit save. 
  4. Visit the People tab in the app and start matching!
  5. Once you’ve made a match, plan to meet up at one of the two 1:1 Matchmaking Meetup areas onsite! There are dedicated spaces within the conference area for you to sit and chat if you wish. Want to walk and talk, grab coffee? You can do that too! 

Our mobile app will be released to attendees in October 2024.

What is a Braindate?

Braindates are knowledge-sharing conversations that you book with others to have one-on-one or in small groups on-site in the Braindate Lounge. They’re the best way to brainstorm, solve challenges, and share expertise or experiences while connecting with new (brilliant!) people.

Learning Concierges will be available onsite to help attendees navigate and utilize this service to make the most out of the experience!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Access Braindates through our mobile app! Sign up or sign into the app, visit the Braindates tab and get started!
  2. Explore the Topic Market.
  3. Create Topics (you don’t need to be an expert to lead a Braindate).
  4. Book Your Braindates!
Looking for more? Watch the video below to see how Braindates work!

Still have questions about Braindates? 

Visit our FAQs below!

What's the difference between Braindates and 1:1 Matchmaking?

Braindates are stemmed from shared interests or trending topics that the users create, and are meant for meaningful conversations with others. 

1:1 Matchmaking is an additional networking feature based on prepopulated interests within the app. Pick and choose from topic areas you’d like to discuss, learn more about, or find a mentor in!

Explore Miami!

When you’re not training, we recommend taking advantage of exploring the city! Whether that’s finding a restaurant or an activity to unwind for the day, here are a few recommendations:


All session materials will be available in the app! We recommend downloading materials in the web browser version prior to arriving onsite. 

Session materials will be located within each session in the app.

The app will be released in October 2024.

Our mobile app is powered by Brella. They have a great list of resources and FAQs here should you have any issues. 

You can also talk with a member of their team for any technical issues here.

Looking for your join code?
Or are you having trouble with the app onsite? Visit the Customer Service Booth for assistance or email our team.


What is Braindate™?

Braindate helps you tap into the experiences and expertise of your fellow participants at events. It’s an easy way to connect and learn from each other through conversations about things you care about. Share your knowledge and book one-on-one or group conversations called braindates with other participants on the Braindate platform, then meet in person for (awesome) conversations!

What is a one-on-one braindate?

A one-on-one braindate is a 30-minute conversation that you book with another participant at an event.

If you see a 1:1 topic on the Braindate platform that interests you, you can request the author of the topic for a meeting, by proposing times to meet. Once the author accepts a proposed time, you meet with them for your braindate, at that time, at the Braindate Lounge. 

What is a group braindate?

A group braindate is a 45-minute collaborative conversation that you have with up to 5 people at an event.

If you see a group braindate topic on the platform that interests you, you can immediately join by reserving a spot. The braindate takes place at the time proposed by the author of the topic inside the Braindate Lounge.

The group braindate format is best if you’d like to hear multiple perspectives on a single topic. The author of the topic acts as the moderator, making sure that everyone in the group is able to contribute to the conversation.

Why is Braindate™ different from networking?

Getting to know people at events can be difficult: time is limited, and traditional networking can feel uncomfortable. Braindate gives you a platform to explore and share specific knowledge and experiences, so that you can have more authentic conversations with new people who share common interests. It gives you direct access to the collective genius of your fellow participants!

How does Braindate work?

Post a braindate topic about something that you’re interested in discussing in the Topic Market. Participants who want to dive into your topic with you can then send you an invitation to meet! Explore topics that interest you with the Search, Sort and Filter functions, then send invitations for one-on-one braindates or join group braindates directly.

At the scheduled time of your braindate, head to check in at the Braindate lounge! The learning concierges will assist you to find your braindate!

Why should I Braindate?

  1. The best way to learn is to take advantage of the collective knowledge of like-minded peers.
  2. Connect with others based on shared interests and experiences in order to help you meet your goals.
  3. Engage in meaningful conversations about issues that are on your mind and in your heart.
  4. Use braindates to get granular about what you want to tackle by engaging with other event participants directly.
  5. It’s an immediate and straight-forward way to gather diverse perspectives from others in the form of group braindates.
  6. Use the opportunity to troubleshoot a problem or challenge you’re facing at home and/or work with other attendees.
  7. You never know, a good conversation can be the start of a long lasting relationship! 
  8. Make it self-directed: pick and choose the meetings you will have by identifying who has the answers to questions you are looking for.
  9. Use your own experience for good: position yourself as a thought-leader and/or reliable source of information.

What’s a learning concierge and how can they help me?

Learning concierges are members of the braindate team who will be on call to support you actively in making the most out of your experience, including: providing technical support, setting your learning intention for your virtual event, discovering the knowledge you can share with others, finding the right conversations you want to take part in.

Where can I find the topics that I’ve favorited?

When you tap the heart icon on a topic in the Market, we’ll save that topic in your favorites so that you can come back to it later. You can tap Filter and select Favorites to access your saved topics at any time.


Do I have to be an expert to post a braindate topic?

No! Everyone has valuable knowledge and experiences to share – and we guarantee that someone will be excited to learn from you. Don’t hold back! Here’s some inspiration to help you write your topics: what have you been reading up on in your spare time these days? How do you achieve work-life balance? What are your secrets to nailing nerves before public speaking?

How should I host and facilitate my braindate?

Make sure everyone introduces themselves and contributes to the discussion.

Ask the participant(s) what interested them about the topic.

Be transparent and honest about your own experience related to the topic: You don’t need to be an expert to lead a braindate.

Don’t forget that everyone has something interesting they can add to the conversation: Adopt a beginner’s mindset.

Don’t forget to share contact information. Many great relationships started with a simple conversation.

I’m not sure I’m ready for a one-on-one. How can I test this out?

Booking a spot in a group braindate is a great way to start! These group discussions are a great way to experience a diversity of perspectives around a given topic. To find upcoming group braindates: Head to the market, tap Filter and select Upcoming and Group Braindate, find a group that starts at a convenient time for you.

I’m looking for a specific person on the Braindate platform, How do I find them?

Try searching their full name in the search bar in the Market. If you can’t find them, it means that they haven’t had the opportunity to create a topic yet and they won’t appear on Braindate until they make themselves available to meet by posting a topic or group discussion.


How do I know when my braindate is confirmed?

Whenever there’s new activity in your Braindate invitations, (like a confirmed braindate, an alternative time proposal, or a new message), a green dot will appear beside the bell icon in the navigation bar. We’ll also send you an email or SMS reminder if you’ve opted-in. You can manage these preferences in your Profile.

I accidentally declined a braindate, but I actually wanted to meet or reschedule.

The person who originally sent the invitation must resend it to re-initiate a chat. We recommend you speak with one of our Virtual Learning Concierges (real humans waiting to help you!) for support by clicking on the chat icon on the Braindate platform. They can help you reconnect with that person.

I received an invitation, but I’m not sure what times they proposed.

To review proposed times for a braindate, navigate to the bell icon and open your Pending tab. Click on the unread conversation (look for the little green dot!) and scroll up until you find proposed times to choose from. If you can’t find the conversation in your invitations, try opening the Confirmed tab to see your upcoming braindates and reschedule as needed!

No one has booked my braindate topic. What should I do?

Sometimes there’s just not enough time to book all the braindates we would like – don’t take it personally! Instead, try joining a group discussion on a similar subject. Pro tip: The more topics you create, the better your chances of meeting people will be. Try creating more topics, or adding more precise tags to your topic!
How do I ask for support about Braindate?

There are Learning Concierges that are ready to help on the platform itself. When the event is live, real humans will be there to help you troubleshoot, create topics and just chat! You can use the chat option when it’s offline to send a support message and a Learning Concierge will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What is it?
The EA Ignite online community is an exclusive space within the ASAP Circle, our online networking and social connection site, dedicated to EA Ignite Fall attendees. With the EA Ignite space, you can connect with attendees before, during, and after the event; find resources provided by the event team or other attendees; and start discussions with other attendees about the event, your role, and your personal experiences, or chime in to give advice to fellow peers in your role or industry.

How do I join?
Check your inbox for an email from “EA Ignite Event Team” – these are our pre-event communication emails and all will include links to the online community and EA Ignite space. 

There will be a link within that email to sign up and join the space! We recommend bookmarking the page to your favorites for easy access once you’ve joined.

While we don’t have a dress code at EA Ignite, we find that most attendees will feel most comfortable learning and networking in business casual/smart casual attire.

Badge pick-up will be at Registration in Attendee Services. Hours and locations will be released as we get closer to the event.

We recommend bringing laptops for any technology sessions. Please be sure to have your devices charged sufficiently as power banks will be limited and not guaranteed for every room. Please ensure your laptop or tablet can connect to outside networks. If you are not sure about your connection settings, we recommend reaching out to your IT department before you leave to confirm.

For more information about the physical features of the accessible rooms, common areas or special services relating to a specific disability please call: 305-604-1601

Accessible Hotel Features

  • Accessible entry door
  • Spacious layout for easy wheelchair access
  • Pocket door bathrooms
  • Accessible toilets with grab bars
  • Accessible tub fixtures
  • Bathroom with “flip” seats
  • Lower door peep holes and temperature control
  • Entry door with illuminated door notifier
  • Hearing-impaired phone service available upon request

Valet parking is available for $59 including tax overnight. Please note: the following vehicles will not be accepted by valet due to parking limitations in the garage: 10+ passenger vans; Dually trucks; vehicles exceeding 6 feet, 6 inches; motorcycles or scooters; vehicles with rooftop racks; trailers. Self-parking is available in the garage across the street.

Visit the hotel FAQs site here under Services and Amenities to view their full list of offerings.

No, PACE will not be offered on-site for EA Ignite.

For more information about PACE, please email [email protected] 

Breakfast and lunch are provided on Day 1 and Day 2. Breakfast is provided on Day 3.  

For information about our cancellation policy click here.

You will earn 1.4 CEUs (14 hours). 

We recommend that our attendees fly in the night before the first day of the conference. We recommend staying a total of 3 nights but hope you take time to enjoy the location we are hosting our event at!

Exclusive Training

EA Ignite is for executive assistants looking to grow into or expand their role as a strategic partner.

The scope of work for executive assistants is both broad and immersive. EA Ignite’s program was built to meet the training needs of executive and senior-level assistants.

Smiling attendees

By Leading Experts

Our expert speakers provide attendees with targeted and specialized knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to the roles of today’s executive assistants. EA Ignite offers the opportunity to engage in conversations with experts and like-minded peers that can promote collaboration, lead to new insights, and help approach problem-solving. 

Important Information

Recently EA Ignite has been the target of groups that offer a variety of fraudulent services. This includes but is not limited to fraudulent travel, advertising and data services. Many of our customers have reported that these groups who are NOT our official vendors fail to deliver on their promises to provide hotel reservations, advertising, or accurate data, then refuse to grant refunds. Some of these groups engage in illegal phishing practices or embed malware in their messages that could (if clicked) infect/hack your company’s systems.

We strongly advise that you do not click on any links from e-mails or groups that look suspicious and always check our official vendor list  before contracting with anyone.  If you suspect that you have been contacted by a fraudulent vendor or have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

Please Note that EA Ignite and its official vendors DO NOT sell attendee lists under any circumstance. Companies or Groups offering such lists are not affiliated with EA Ignite in any way and cannot possibly have accurate attendee data. Buyers should BEWARE!

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